COVID-19 - January 22 to March 22

Four hundred forty cases have been confirmed as of Jan. 22.
The bulk are in China, but cases have been confirmed in Thailand, Japan, South Korea and now the US, where man in his 30s in Washington presented with the disease at a local hospital.

A list of confirmed cases and their locations are below:

  • China: 440 confirmed cases
  • Thailand: 2 confirmed cases
  • Japan: 1 confirmed cases
  • South Korea: 1 confirmed case
  • US: 1 confirmed case
  • Australia: 1 suspected case (Brisbane)

Mortality rate in China currently at ~2% with 9 dead.

Recently watched Contagion. Wish I didn’t.

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It sounds like the usual respiratory virus where it hits the ones with chronic lung issues hard. I’m taking the family to Thailand in April so watching this closely. (But not within sneezing distance)

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The 1 Aussie one has already been cleared as not this.


Good news

The last time I drank Corona, I felt like I had a virus next morning.


The suspected Aussie case has been cleared.

German Scientists have developed a test already.

I blame arsonists. We were 100 million kilometers from the corona until they set everything on fire.


Not enough culling of the sick and elderly for mine. If you regularly cut back hard these things don’t get out of hand when they hit.


As I said at work, “Great. Now there’s some bleedin disease that makes me want to drink ■■■■■■ Mexican beer. What next?”

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Doctors apparently prescribing a wedge of lemon to those affected


How does this epidemic compare to the Windy Hill Flu?

Nope it is those farking Greens

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Not the greens mate. The greenies is who you have to look out for.

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AIDS started with the arsonists.

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Just heard that a mate of mine was diagnosed with Coronavirus yesterday. He’s pretty upbeat all things considered, says it’s not so bad - his wife has just contracted Lyme disease.

I’ll show myself out.


Chinese companies had a kit available a couple of weeks ago. How do the Germans get the credit?

Well, for a start it’s real.

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Developed by a researchers from German Centre for Infection Research, the world’s first diagnostic test for the coronavirus has now been made publicly available.

Yeah, I don’t disbelieve it, but Chinese companies had PCR kits out weeks ago.