COVID-19 - March 23 to April 9

Looks like these two are going to be entertaining me for a while!


Maybe I can keep up with this thread now!

I work in a bar and have just lost my job today. Does anyone know the steps to claim any government benefits now?

These are going to be some very hard times and I wish you all the best.


Log into the myGov website. Not sure if it’s already active, haven’t checked.

Best of luck mate and stay safe. Tough times for sure.

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I’m starting to change my expectation of the future…I think we’re too far gone to achieve containment.

I’m imagining the situation as two concentric circles:

  • The blue circle represents the diagnosed (symptomatic) people
  • The grey circle represents the unidentified (asymptomatic) people

We are constantly trying to quarantine the blue people, as they pop up. We then try to contact trace to identify which grey carriers might exist due to the blue, but it’s too slow, too late, and contact tracing almost never catches up with the grey…With full-population testing, we could identify the grey in real-time, but almost no society in the world has that level of testing, and that includes Australia…Maybe if we all lock ourselves indoors for two weeks, the grey will stop moving, and it will all change colour to blue over that time, and we can then quarantine it. It will be hard, as it seems the leading locked down European countries still seem to have so much growth that the grey is probably still expanding. China’s accomplishments seem to be such an outlier, that I don’t know how it can be real.

In summary…I thought we might be able to get a net around the blue in Australia, and then reopen our domestic economy…but the cynic in me (which is generally more accurate) is starting to say no…and if I look at those charts that show most of the countries of the world are being infected faster than Australia, I think their leaders are almost certainly giving up on containment. For example, Cuomo in New York, I think is now just setting up beds to accommodate the surge in the infected, just aiming to slow the spread through almost the entire population, with the only thing to limit the ultimate penetration being the arrival of a vaccine.


On the way to work this morning, the removal of Mentone Station is going ahead at speed.

I received word last night that my organisation wont be exempted from non essential workplaces and shut down from tomorrow. I work in the research division of a major specialist public hospital. Either somebody above me has their wires crossed or there’s going to be a lot more shutdowns in Vic than those outlined last night by the PM.

Awaiting Andrews’ presser this morning.

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A Liberal government doubled Newstart yesterday and it almost became a sidenote. What a day it was yesterday. What will today bring?

Less fuckwits in the Coogee Bay Hotel, that’s what.

■■■■ you NSW. Idiots.

They need a new license plate slogan “the dumbest state”


To whoever it was that said Dan Andrews was just bowing to the unions re school closures, so teachers can do nothing and get paid for a while.

Sorry, thats just rubbish.

My teachers will be working toward online and flexible delivery models, moderation and validation just as a start.

We will be working together most likely through zoom in order to get things up and running again as soon as we can.

What I can see from this is a whole new funding model, streamlined and efficient, saving the states millions.


Continuing my circle model…look at this patient:
No topical treatment is going to clear this up! This patient has infection all through its bloodstream!

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Fingers crossed that the current Italian figures end up being their totals for March 22. Because if they are, they’ve had a reduction in the “daily new cases” figure, which is a real glimmer of hope in their gloom.


Did you read @Aceman comments yesterday about the pubs in his area being packed? Did you see the volley ball South Melbourne yesterday? Im not surr pointing the finger at NSW helps anyone at this point. There are fuckwits everywhere, that’s why it’s going to be a mess.

Let’s be kind to one and other.


Schools in Vic have been gearing up for online learning for a few weeks now. The Department foresaw this and prepared accordingly.

The local primary school has declared itself ready.

The PM’s claim that kids will miss out on education for 6 months is bordering on scaremongering.


Mate, there were 20,000 ■■■■■■■ people on Bondi on Friday. Twenty ■■■■■■■ thousand crammed on just about the most visible location in this entire country.

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Possibly that even though there is confusion about what industries are closing today, the writing is on the wall for anything non essential, so may as well wrap it up now?

Yep they’ve been in lockdown for two weeks now, so if it reduces we know lockdown measures work.

However it means we’re two weeks away from our own peak.

And I was more scathing that anyone on here about that. But it’s done. No point carrying on about it. You’re not helping anyone.


Purely anecdotal but this thing feels a LOT more contagious than initially thought.


Here in NZ I only have 10 students in my class this morning. Parents voting with their feet and not waiting for the government.


Confusing reading the news online. Am I right in saying that Vic closes after tonight? Everything except hospitals and supermarkets? Ie, small businesses (and all other) are forced to shut, not just restaurants pubs and casino?