COVID-19 - Round 5 - Should've stayed the F**K home

Yes there are at least a couple that I’ve seen

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I for one am absolutely blown away that companies whose workforce is almost entirely casual and minimum wage would have shoddy work practices that save a few dollars. Shocked. Totally baffled and stunned.



Flummoxed. Bewildered.

Look at every workplace linked to a cluster. Almost all staffed by casuals.

Give Fair Work a few bureaucratic wrecking balls and watch the problem go away in two weeks.


“but we REALLY need you to come in today” + living hand-to-mouth = cluster


Probably the dodgy kents that normally work the Crown.
I knew this would somehow lead back to Fat Andy :joy:


imagine that…

Since Dan isn’t fronting the media today i assume there will be no big announcements. So i think its going to be ‘ok’ going for 65.

That’s why it’s called a Cluster Fark.


I’m thinking the peak is over and down to 55

The reason people keep commenting is because its a very general statement. Schools range in age from 5-18. At what age does the risk of transmission rise. So all very unknown and therefore people are right to have questions.

Lol, one of the great scenes of my youth.
Ok he may pork her. Gold.


Data from a couple of papers I’ve read suggests <10y/o least risk or acquiring and transmitting. Rises more sharply from mid/late teens linked to ACE2 receptor expression.

Dan is a toothless tiger. All talk and does SFA. He should have agreed to have the army at the hotels instead of those corrupt, incompetent, buffoons of so called security guards.


Just had breakfast with a friend of mine who did 2 weeks quarantine.

His journey was 44 hours with 3 stops from Toronto.
Let’s just say it’s not about comfort anymore.

77 for Vic

As of midnight.

But not the outer south East. Casey can eat a bag of ■■■■■.


Interesting the in flight movies are operating. I had read some airlines were disabling these for safety.

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