COVID-19 - Round 5 - Should've stayed the F**K home

■■■■■■■ stupid ■■■■■


Why are you posting on a footy forum instead of staying home @choppsuey?


Guards, please dont pork the prisoners.


So has anyone seen any of these checkpoints/booze busses just yet? I have to go through some of the locked down suburbs to get to work and don’t see anything besides less traffic which is a good sign i guess.

We really missed the opportunity for a Mortal Combat style thread at Round 2.

literally zero sign of them

Some footage on the morning news this morning, not sure how many set up at this stage.

Gee, some of those allegations of falsifying time sheets and lack of training and PPE from the security firms is quite damning.
I hope Dan gets to the bottom of it and takes the companies licenses away and presses charges against individuals


The Northern Territory has reported a new confirmed case of coronavirus for the first time since April 6.

The case is in a Darwin local in their 30s who returned to the Territory from a virus hotspot in Melbourne.

NT authorities said the Darwin man had quarantined in Melbourne after returning from overseas, and then spent time with family in one of the city’s hotspots.

The man had flown to Darwin via Brisbane on Monday and returned a positive test result for coronavirus last night.

maybe only the one set up for the news

drove through three lock down areas, and i work in one too, and haven’t seen one

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Melbourne is the new United States.

I hope not! Reading some of the stories over there, heartbreaking


There’s a judicial enquiry. Short of a royal commission, that’s a good an investigation as we can hope for.

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The USA have 50K new cases in a 24 hour period. They are just starting to build a little steam.

Making USA great again!


Imagine how good their economy is gonna go with all those poor and old people dead and not clogging up welfare systems etc.


Has there been any talk about the reasons for this outbreak?
I know they’ve said it’s pretty much tied to the Hotel breakout, but I’ve heard people blaming the BLM protest and Arabs celebrating EID.
I recall Andrews was quizzed about the nationality of the people testing positive to covid, but he batted that away and said he won’t entertain race being targeted. Everyone’s Victorian.

Genomic sequencing suggests the cases originated in hotel quarantine back in May or early June. Likely some asymptomatic carries in the community that spread it to a small number of people quietly without being picked up before exploding in these large family gatherings.