Covid 19 - Round 7 - Keep calm and don’t go to the butcher

On Sunday he’s going to announce Stage 5 - he takes your car keys and kills your dog.


Stage 5 : On a road map to nowhere…come on inside…and stay inside!

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Hillsong conference coming up?



presser at 12pm with Tim Pallas.

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I know a lot of people have been impacted and are struggling, but I reckon I could do his until Xmas.

Come at me Dan!

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Welcome back, my friends
to the show that never ends
We’re so glad you could attend
Stay inside, stay inside

“Your” car keys? He already owns everything under his emergency powers. He is taking his car keys back and you will like it!

We’re coming straight out of lockdown and straight to car keys in a bowl.

Party time!


I want to predict what sort of crazy theories were are going to see in the next 10,000 posts.

  • the vaccine will contain hormones to turn everyone trans
  • continued use of masks gives you face cancer
  • the lack of movement due to lockdown is slowing the rotation of the earth on its axis

Hopefully that covers the first few hundred posts at least…


The elastic from the face masks that goes around our ears will turn us all into wing nuts.


I worked at CSIRO’s petroleum department for a while, doing CCS simulation stuff. One time I locked my keys in my car, and when the RACV guy came out and i told him where i worked, he got very very serious and gave me a huge sheaf of handwritten papers with diagrams of his theories about how pumping oil out of the ground was unbalancing the earth’s rotation, and made me promise that I’d investigate it for him.


There are unfortunately people that are being influenced by the media and think Dictator Dan is out to intentionally ruin everything. I spoke to my mum who has two broken hips and is admittedly on massive doses of opiates and also reads stuff like the Age and the Australian. She reckons that Dan Andrews is out to ruin the economy. I questioned her as to why but she has no idea. I asked if she thought Michael O’Brien might do a better job but the only thing she knows about him is that he was my brother’s law lecturer.

FFS the media are the ones that are gonna fark this for everyone and none of them will be held accountable.


Sounds like what I’d heard some disputes about.
I suppose it does give some consolation to those who thought everything was just being called covid.
It wasn’t, but now it is.
Of course, aged care facilities had their own reasons to argue the case.

Anyhow, seems like there’s no confusion anymore. If you died with covid, then it gets counted.


Too late for most on here :joy:

Did you?

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Round 7 already?
I muted this on Monday.
Previous thread must have been Guzzed.


Was the earth drawn flat or as an oblate spheroid??

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Physics simulations - everything is approximated as a perfect sphere in a vacuum.