COVID - 19 Things to do while we’re doing nothing

I thought perhaps we could use a dedicated thread for keeping the family engaged/entertained/sane without wading through the stats of the main thread.

I’ll kick it off with this one which is totally free


Awesome idea!

Bill Burr’s podcast at the moment is so bloody good, and free. He’s locked in his house and talking about the Covid situation and how stupid a lot of the public are. It basically reads like a Blitz thread but with way more swearing. Also free.

*disclaimer - You have to be a Bill Burr fan, otherwise it may be offensive or just a bit too much of one bloke ranting for over an hour.


Free on line learning


So cute


Anything you would recommend?

From within the link:
Probability and Statistics: To p or not to p? from University of London International Programmes

That course name made me chuckle!


If you’re allowed out. Go for a walk. Melbourne is putting on some amazing weather.

Sit outside with your family and have dinner with some tunes on.

If you have a backyard or space to work out, get the kids doing a boot camp.

FaceTime some friends and relos.

Do a jigsaw.

It’s gonna get hectic in a couple of weeks, make the most of it.


This one sounds interesting (especially for anyone reading the main covid thread)

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I had a drink with mates via Zoom. Worked well.

Cooking new meals.

Reading a great book.

Got a nice new video game.

Signed up for live Yoga class (do it over Zoom again).

And trying to go for a jog every second day.

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Bob Dylan dj’s you through an excellent musical history, each show with a theme. Excellent to stream in the background, great back stories, very soothing.


M asturbate - seriously does the world filter prohibit this word?

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Catching up on some books I have been meaning to read. Ordered a couple of jigsaw puzzles online and have become addicted to it already! Started with a 1008 pce puzzle (first puzzle since I was a kid) and it’s a wonderful distraction. Trying to limit my social media, it’s hard, but it’s important.

Edit: Almost forgot my little girl! She is the best distraction. I forget everything when I’m focussed on her. :heart:


This is just what I need. Thanks. It’s like a yank version of me saying all the stuff I want to say out loud

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Got little miss jetster to facetime all grandparents, auties uncles and cousins in perth and melbs today, really helped all of us having a laugh.


Me and some friends are going to do a trivia night over zoom tomorrow


run in the morning to clear the head, caught up on clothes washing and gardening today.
went out to get bread from the bakery only trip of the day. They do home delivery now if spend $15 so might do that next week.And we looked up delivery boxes of food companies. might get a vegetable box next week delivered as it saves us a trip out.

also the company that stocks restaurants/takeaway shops over here is offering goods to public at pretty cheap prices so investigating that.

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What video game?

Playing Bunny Berrigan I Can’t get Started.