Cricket Part III


This is more like what Brendon Taylor did. Play a few years of county cricket then he went back to play for Zimbabwe again. It’s easier to fill your pockets with a county contract for a few years and then go home to play international cricket if you have the desire to do so.


Taylor also went to WA to try to get a chance to play for Australia. Good luck with WA currently playing 4 young wicketkeeper-batsmen. But he gave up and went back to Zimbabwe.


You sure Brendan Taylor tried his luck for WA. Can’t ever recall it. I know Sean Irvine did.


Kohli put on a batting masterclass for India, setting us 191 to win the second T20 match. In response Maxwell has bettered Kohli’s performance by scoring a century off 50 balls. Chase is down to needing 13 runs off 11 balls, with 7 wickets in hand.


We get home with 2 balls to spare. Maxwell 113 off 55 balls - super knock. Made it look so easy like only Glenn Maxwell can do.


Fair effort that. Jumped in the car and saw we needed about 70-odd with 6 overs left. Thought with Maxi there we should be home


He’s a genuine short form match winner and proving selectors are morons by batting him so low in the odi team


England 6/418 against the Windies.

Windies 6-333 in reply with 8 overs to go


Butler 150 off 77 for England.

Gayle 162 off 97 for the Windies


last 6 balls !! England win by 29 runs


Fair old collapse.
I had a look at the scores around the 26 over mark of the WI innings and they were 4-286 (or thereabouts) with Gayle still in.
Thought they might have been a chance but clearly their batting doesn’t run very deep.


The best limited overs bat in the world. Bar none.


Good interview by him on site. Sounds like he is very comfortable with his game and what he can do.


Kiwis currently bending the Bangladeshis over the park bench.

Collapsed from a good start in the first dig and have NZ reeling at 3/429. Raval 132 and Latham 161 and Williamson 81*.

Wagner is the most consistent bowler I’ve seen, i.e. consistently bowls six short balls an over, so much so that I’m surprised he hasn’t been warned and removed from the crease for it. Usually starts with 2 bouncers and follows up with 4 more marginal ones.


If agree with that… if it was true. He’s simply not reliable enough to trust to bat at 4 and bat for 35 overs If required. He bats low because we need a finisher and he can’t be trusted to bat high. He simply doesn’t close out innings as often as a man of his talents should.


You miss-spelled Virat Kohli.


T20 maybe but so far off it at ODI level


No mate, not T20 either.


Kiwis finding it tougher going today. Struggled to 6/709.


200 to Williamson and now 6/715.
Still only day 3 so the Kiwis could push towards 1000 :rofl: