Crowing about Justin

Who knows where we would have ended up this year without him.

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I think there is an error in the formula.

I started to look at the formula, got as far as deciding it was more complex than The Weapon’s program.

The work that they have done on this would also be contributing to the off season training plan that they have been giving to each player while they are away until November. Gives me confidence that 2018 is going to be a year that builds on 2017.


Justin Crow has been one of our best recruits of the last 5 years. Done a great job.


Slowwww team. This guy is bog average. Turns jets into crabs

When is this guy gonna get some heat. Seriously, we get worse as the game goes on.

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Did he run over your cat or something?


I also wonder about the ability to develop the kids. All our kids look like string beans. How do Hawks, Cats, Sydney, WCE, all the good teams kids look so well equipped for AFL in their first seasons?

I looked up Justin and stumbled across his vital statistics during his playing days.

196cm (6’5") and 92kg - actually 2cm and 3kg bigger than Max’s playing weight.


Here is a photo of the gene pool, L to R mum, sis’ Kim Brennan, Scott Brennan (husband and fellow rower), Max and Justin (looking his slim present day self).


Was our BOG in that awful VFL final where we withdrew all our players at the last moment, and everyone including IT Guy (good time-trial-ist, crap footballer) got called up to fill the spots…


I don’t think this guy gets enough credit.

I know we have had our issues with Joe and a few others but I wonder how much is taken out of his hands in the circumstances because of the perceived necessity of having Joe out on the ground.

It always surprises me to see a clean bill of health at the completion of a game.

The most pleasing aspect for me is that our young players seem to be playing a lot more than they were previously. Gone are the days where our youth were missing critical development in the first two seasons due to hamstrings or other soft tissue injuries.

I think this guy is a gun.


A bit strange how JD’s season was managed. He didn’t look right all season and then eight games in they decided they needed to do something about it.
Obviously I don’t know the inside details, but, It wasn’t the best form of management in my opinion.

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I don’t know anything about what happens behind closed doors but I assume that the decisions would not just come down to Crow.

Joe may have indicated he could play through it and the coaches agreed.

It’s hard to say but overall I feel we have had a pretty good run of it the past couple of seasons.

Plenty of injuries to our young guys. Laverde has missed a heap, Longy, Francis, Begley. Wasn’t Clarke out for a while too.

Nothing against JC, just don’t think much has changed.

Laverde yes.

Long hasn’t been too bad from memory. Seems to play most VFL games that I attend unless he’s suspended.

Francis has had minor niggles but he has probably missed more footy from mental health than anything else.

Clarke hasn’t missed any.

Begley is a knee.

Raz and laverde preseason ones are damming for our medical staff and trainers.

Joe should be the final nail in the coffin for whoever oversees the program.

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First Kerr, then McKeena, then Neeld.

A few murmurs from a couple I know (no longer at the club), that think Crow is the final of the quartet that needs to go.

It’s the club Dr that clears players as being medically fit to play. Crow should have some input into that decision process though. Our injuries for the 2nd season running are tracking below average for the AFL and we run out most games well. It’s the 3rd quarter not the 4th that kills us. Can’t see the need to sack the fitness guy.
Given how inconsistent we are we may wish to replace the club shrink.


Heard former Collingwood and Carlton fitness guru speak recently. He believes that it is inevitable that soft tissue injuries will result from the short turn around to fit in Anzac Day. We have had our share since we played 3 games in 10 days but Collingwood have fared much worse with their 3 games in 11 days. Must give some credit to our fitness people for our relatively lower soft tissue injury count following 25 April.
Won’t hear either Collingwood or Essendon blame the schedule for their injuries although Collingwood have instigated an investigation.