Cult - Electric

Who's going to see the Cult next weekend?


Playing Electric in full, one of my all time favourite albums. Can't wait.

Any original members left?

Would have preferred Sonic Temple in full.


wanted to go but playing on the other side of Brissie and too big a mission to get babbysitters.

Preferred “Love” over Electric. Should be a good show though. Enjoy.

Would have loved to go, enjoy!

Any original members left?

Yeah, Ian Astbury (singer) and Billy Duffy (guitar) still there. They were always the heart of the band. 

And it was ?

And it was ?

I spoke to someone who went. She said it was awful and they started abusing the crowd.

wow! I read an online review of the Adelaide concert and it was not like that.

mates went to QLD concert they said it was great


And it was ?

I spoke to someone who went. She said it was awful and they started abusing the crowd.


Yeah, Ian Astbury was getting into the crowd because we apparently weren't getting into it enough. Mentioned that Melbourne had turned hipster, which I think was a bit rich from a guy who didn't take off his sunglasses the whole gig, and was wearing a fur collared jacket. Think he failed to take into account that the album they were playing is 25 years old, and as such his audience was on average in their late thirties early forties. He's fifty for fark sake. Not sure what he wanted, your not going to get people crowd surfing to Love Removal Machine, as good a song as it is. ■■■■■■ me off a bit. We've paid to hear you play, just shut up and play. 


The sound was a problem, as it always is at Festival Hall. At the same time, they may as well not have had a touring rhythm guitarist as you couldn't hear him at all, and Duffy still kept asking for him to be turned down! It meant that during solos the sound was very thin, and all because of the Duffy's ego. It was even worse when he swapped from his Gibson to the Gretch, which has a particularly harsh sound and wasn't engineered well. 


Astbury's performance wasn't great either. Most of the time only sang half the lyrics, was obviously tired, which added to the irony of having a go at the crowd. 


Other than that it was a fun gig. They played all of Electric, and then stuff from Love and Sonic Temple, as well as their more recent stuff which I'm not familiar with. She Sells Sanctuary got the biggest roar. Best song for me on the night and of all was Aphrodisiac Jacket. I've focused on the negative things and I guess in light of this it was a good, not great gig.


It was great fun to hear one of my favourite albums live though, and that was worth the price of the ticket. 

It does sound as if it was a less than stallar performance but there's nothing quite like a band live. So much better it being a favorite. Festival hall was always a bad place for sound, I'm surprised it's still used for loud music. Seems like it was worth it in the long run. Pity I missed it, I would've liked to go but found out about it too late.Cheers.

saw 'em in munich in 07 open for the who  :) not too shabby,

saw PJ the night before