Dale Tapping

Did I hear correctly, or was I dreaming that Matthew Knights has returned to the club to assist whilst Dale Tapping is being treated for an illness.
It was a passing comment I heard on someone’s car radio, but I haven’t been able to confirm it anywhere else.

Dreaming mate

April Fools joke.


Knights is midfield coach of West Coast isn’t he?

Thats what I thought, but Tapping is ill and it did say Matthew Knights is assisting.

Why would that happen when we have Stanton who coached the side last year? Knights has a contract with another team, so i cannot see him being anywhere near our players.

Tapping has made a few training sessions.
But maybe I’m mistaken.

Was an April fools joke haha

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If so is not in good taste, as Tapping is being treated for some form of cancer I believe.


Blood Cancer.

Just listening to him now on the One on One Podcast with McGrath.

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Yeah I think it isn’t in good taste, but that’s not as big a problem as the fact that it just isn’t very funny.

Lol, it is funny and not really bad taste to ring up the radio and say Matthew Knights is filling in as assistant coach.

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I think anything is ok in comedy, even if it is in bad taste.

But I don’t know, I just don’t think it is actually funny, which is the greatest of sins.

But I guess it all depends on what you find funny.

nothing is off limits in comedy. the darker the better

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