Damien Hardwick

that’s ok, i suspect the Russians, Chinese and Facebook/Google have copies of all our stuff


Mr Potatoe Head, i will tell him when i see him.

If they’re interested, they’ll use it. They haven’t so far. Even those ladies from Russia who are looking for a wonderful man just like me don’t have my bank account details.

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What if the gave 110% and/or went and watched other teams in the finals?

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Agree Scott should use the article to point out what others think of us.
There’s no doubt there’s a very poor culture at the club. There’s an outward show of application, but it doesn’t really come from deep within. We are mediocre at best.

Id be alarmed if the club found the Hardwick assessment as news or offensive. How would any realistic assessment of the club, from within or otherwise, have a different opinion? We are fundamentally inept

Using it as some kind of inspiration to prove otherwise makes me giggle. What are they going to do? Grit their teeth at the opposition? Oh bombers, please.

We lack grit.

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Depends a little on when he was told they wanted the laptop back. I would have told them, ‘see ya later,’ and done the presentation on it anyway.

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Hardwick lacks brains. He was a ■■■■ coach who got saved by smart assistants.

■■■■ you ■■■■. I look forward to seeing you fail at Gold Coast.

I look forward to Dimma’s comments turning our squad of quality people, possessing leadership qualities, from good families, who barracked for Essendon as a child, into rabid Maynards, who get into everyone’s faces and tackle them with intent. Bring it on.

When does Dodo leave again?



It’s like a soap opera with this man, loses passion, ignites passion, rinse repeat