Daylight Savings HELP

Missus starts work early & always sets alarm for 2.30 am
Daylight savings starts @ 3.00am
What time does she set clock for to not wake me up to find out what time it is???


The iphone will automatically change it to her timezone if shes using one.

But which 2:30am is counted?
The first or the second?

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she is screwed


Yeah she uses phone,
I’m gonna have to figure out how to set alarm for the Alarm Clock
Who uses an alarm clock anymore

Yep I have one in case of emergencies, this seems like one of those situations.

SThis probably isn’t helpful to your current issue. But it’s a good opportunity for me to post this meme that I like.


ban yourself @Wanderlust :joy:


Farrk. Now only a two hour time difference with Canberra.

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In the olden days, before phone alarms, I would turn the clock back before going to bed.
(When I lived in Vic. No such worries for Queenslanders)

Is it possible to set a timer on your phone rather than an alarm?

Sounds like a great legitimate excuse to turn up to work an hour late if you ask me


Problem fixed
I will do the honourable thing & sacrifice myself
After we win tonight I will watch the footy replays till 2.30 am then go wake her up
Just put a few xtra cans in the fridge


Reckon good day for a sickie tomorrow!

Set it for 2.59. That way she gets a half hour sleep in but she’s also still half an hour early.

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Unless she is due at work before 3am, you set it as per tomorrow’s time.

Don’t have to worry about it in Queensland!!!

How’d you go? Did she make it to work on time? Actually WTF kind of job does someone have to get up before they go to bed?

I got the alarm clock out
Cried myself to sleep dreaming of Heppel kicking to one of our players
Fingers crossed I set alarm to go off
Alarm worked, but couldn’t switch the bloody thing off & kept going off every 10 minutes
PS Qantas Club worker