Deceased Krakouer

Billy Krakouer, younger brother of Jim and Phil aged 47, died suddenly last Thursday. A gifted WAFL player, and may have had a short stint on Nth Melbourne's list. He also coached Mt Barker reserves when Merve Neagle was our League coach. A nice-ish chap, who I once saw get smashed with the flat of a machete in a large brawl at a local game. Dropped like a sack of spuds. No doubt will be a huge funeral in a week or so.

thats a shame. hope he has a great send off

"Smashed with the flat of a machete"


That must be some tough league!

Not so much the league but an on going feud which thankfully is all but over now. It was actually his younger brother Andy that had a run with Nth Melb. Haven't seen him for twenty years but hope to catch up at the funeral. Also, if it's not inappropriate, get Jimmy to re-sign my football. It has faded a fair bit since the last time he did it for me. If it's held here in Mt Barker (Pwakenbak), and I'm sure it will be, then the send off will be huge-at least a thousand people.