Disgraceful EFC - Extending pokies license to 2042


I read that as you’d be opposed if the intention was to see the license through?


Pretty sure you’ve stated before that you are pretty pro gun though. Vote for shooters and fishers etc.


First we open a gun shop. Next we trade in Rhys Matheson.

Then the advertising and marketing team have the easiest 12 months of their lives.


I will not spend my time reading all the dribble in here, my opinion is that whatever source of income we get, somebody will not like it. It has been the way always that the poor make the rich, might not be good, or moral or ethical but it happens.




I would have no problem at all with the club selling guns provided it was all within the current gun control laws. I have no objection to people owning guns for specified purposes. I don’t like guns & I’ve never owned 1 & I’d never want a US situation where any loony can buy a killing machine at Kmart but I have no issue with the way guns are controlled & sold in Australia so would have no issue with my football club being involved. I would imagine the majority of gun sales would be to the military & police wouldn’t they?

Would you be opposed to the club investing in something like medical cannabis? Some people have a moral objection to anything to do with cannabis but again personally if there is money in it then I would have no objection to the club profiting from this business. Really there is probably no industry you couldn’t find something to be outraged over if you really tried.


If we could somehow qualify as a religion then I’d be all for it.


Quick, someone register The Cult of Hird as a deductable grant recipient ASAP!


Indeed. As a general rule, yes, though not “pro-gun” in an American sense.

But again, I don’t think it’s about that and I certainly didn’t raise it as an equivalent topic.

I suspect the Board have an exit-pokies strategy and a plan to maximise the return on the way out. I approve of both these things.


Yeah didnt mean in it as pro guns=bad

Just that you own guns, so you dont see gun sales as inherently an immoral thing.


Champion idea.


When I pop along to Windy Hill to watch the game Saturday night, I doubt the pokies on-site will be full. You can’t make much money from pokies if they aren’t being used!


Well I mean you could ask the same question about cigarettes, or anything else objectively harmful really


I don’t agree with all of your analysis but I recognize a good response when I see one. Good response my friend


Banning a recreational pastime just because 0.5 to 1.5% of the population have a mental illness towards gambling is way overkill. Where do you draw the line? Graphic movies/books, alcohol and fast food should be banned?

If you really cared about community welfare you will ban the non vegan diet as this is destroying the environment and the cause of major health issues :wink:


Pretty good nude bootscooting on Wednesday night!


I draw the line when a machine is specifically designed to exploit the vulnerable.


There has been so much damn discussion about line drawing in here that I feel that Dermie and Richie Vandenberg will be making an appearance at any moment


As long as we make money from them I’m ok with it :yum:


In my mind, selling guns and gambling on the pokies are separate discussions. Look, I’m not comfortable with the EFC being involved in pokies. I was arguing from the clubs perspective, trusting their decision making process. It’s interesting that the high profile Kennett with his links to Beyond Blue advocates strongly for his clubs rights to generate income from pokies. What’s the messaging from that? Clearly, the bloke with a strong opinion on everything, doesn’t think it’s a problem. Doesn’t make it right of course but interesting food for thought nonetheless.