Disgraceful EFC - Extending pokies license to 2042


Applying to extend its poker machine licenses past 2040.


I think the club owes us an explanation on this. @Catherine_Lio


And I’m sure it will come in good time. Nothing right now though.


Looking at it from another way. Extending the licences adds value to the venues before exiting them.


people could just stop putting $s in them…


It would want to be a very very very good explanation.


From the What annoys you thread where the same article is posted.


What’s the good time? Past 2042?


From the other thread where this article is posted.


who cares…


And equally, there’s an assumption in that that we can’t get out until we replace the income stream. Why?

If we win a premiership off the back of the misery of disadvantaged people then I personally don’t want the premiership.


If we fold because we don’t have the money, will you be happy then?


You have the option to follow North. They have no pokies. And no money.


It’ll be a reworded version something like “it’s easy money”.

I wonder if tobacco or ivory trade is lucrative. I mean it’s an expensive business we’re in.


Fk who cares. If it’s not us it’s someone else. We need money.


Whilst I don’t love pokies or what they do for the community I see no reason to just walk away from the revenues for moralist reasons until one of the following is done:

-alternate sources of income are found to maintain our financial strength
-AFL bans clubs from owning them
-pokies are made illegal


On a side point it is interesting that the current AFL chairman claims to dislike pokies. In his former role as CEO of Wesfarmers he effectively controlled more poker machines than anyone else in Australia through their pub holdings. Unlike the AFL to be contradictory.


It’s very difficult for directors in a situation like this.

The fact is that the property with a gaming licence is significantly more valuable than the same property without. But poker machines are something that the Club should not be associated with. So either they renew and continue the association or don’t renew and lose real money for the club.

Lose or lose. It’s their choice. In their position I would renew and get out of it ASAP.


I’m with SMJ on this. There has to be other places to get revenue than resorting to using pokies


Ive written to the club,pitching to them that we change our name to the Essendon Stoners.

Medicinal Marijuana is where its at folks. I say we go balls deep into that.


Hmm, using that- there could be another source of revenue that we could get into…