Divorce and a Family Report

While i don’t want to drag up people’s unpleasant dramas around divorce, i do have a family report coming up.

I was hoping for thoughts from anyone who has been through the process. PM is fine if you would prefer

Thanks in advance

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I just assisted in one and it was an interesting process.

The one I was involved in comprised a Family Court officer interviewing both Partners separately, then interviewing any children separately without any parent present. Then she interviewed parents again asking about issues brought up by other partner and children.

Not sure if this is the same for you.

All was done in a reasonably friendly and open manner with little pressure. Though I was not happy that, in my case, a 13 year old boy was on his own being asked questions by a stranger about his parents. I was there to support Sister and her Son from being intimidated by the bloke or the process.

I was with the 13 later and he was clearly upset that he was expected to say “bad” things in his mind anyway about both Mum and Dad.

The report that came through later also was critical of the child for not wanting to answer questions, which I thought was understandable.

Don’t go alone, as while legal representation is not allowed in the interview, take a friend for support and to help keep your emotions under control.

If you need anything else PM me.


Sometimes the Court appoints a lawyer for the child/children when parental access is at issue, but I don’t know the processes for this.

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Many thanks, my situation should have been sorted out with $200 of mediation and is much more benign than it sounds your involvement was

Might chase you up with a PM at some.point.

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