Malcolm Roberts. One of the most refined scientific minds of his generation.

I’ve enjoyed most of what Dan Snow does, History of Railways was the one that kicked it off. Really interesting.

And I can’t get enough of Neil Oliver docos, History of Ancient Britain Celtic Britain etc etc etc …

Any prick could throw together a railway documentary and I’d watch it.


Snows seiies on the East India co was great too, and I just noticed it’s still up on SBS view, … must have repeated recently …

Was Senna a documentary?

That was awesome.


Railroads Australia…

But that’s more a show about 4 or 5 trains travelling through regional Australia, and particularly the issues they face.

ESPN 30 for 30 Docos are outstanding covering many interesting US and overseas sports.

The OJ Simpson, Made In America, 7-8 hr doco over 5 episodes is the obvious standout.

Once Brothers - the story about the late Croatian NBA star Drazen Petrovic and his once close friend Serbian Vlade Divac, who both played in representative Basketball for the former Yugoslavia in championship sides together and how the war in that country affected their relationship and how many years after Petrovic’s death, Divac went to reconcile with Peteovic’s family. A great insight into the absurdity of the hatred that defines the Balkan Wars of the early nineties.

Hillsborough - an amazingly thorough account of the tragic and shameful coverup by the police and media (The Sun newspaper in particular) which led to 96 innocent Liverpool fans deaths in an crowd crush on Sheffield in 1989.

There are so many more docos that you can buy in a boxset which cover all the major US professional and college sports that are directed by many well known Hollywood directors and film makers.

You don’t have to be a fan of these sports to enjoy the docos. The docos stand up on their own as just brillaint documenteries in themselves.

Highly recommended.


I love the discovery channel but can’t watch it live. Way to many ads!

Lakers vs Celtics with all the eighties guys was very very good.

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Being into music and skateboarding, I watched these 2 recently.

For music fans Cosmic Psychos - ‘Blokes you can trust’ is worth a look.

‘All this mayhem’ About Ben and Tas Pappas becoming #1&2 ranked skateboarders in the world, and their self destruction via drugs resulting in pretty tragic ending.

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Seven Days in Hell is a good doco. About the longest tennis match ever played. Very illuminating


Just watching the last episode of The Great War, about the American involvement in WW1. It’s made by American Experience and on the History Channel.

It covers, without the usual American chauvinism, all the issues…like the opposition to the war, the heavy German population and once Wilson had decided they had to go in, the propaganda and the stamping down of any sort of opposition.

Seems pretty fair on all fronts. But it’s 3 episodes of nearly two hours each.

Dan Carlin of the Hardcore Histories podcast is an occasional commentator.

Largely follows Ken Burns’s style. I suppose it’s on now because it’s 100 years since the start of the war (sarcasm included).

I was unsure whether to watch this as I feared it would be about how the Americans won the war but based on your review I’ll give it a look. Thanks

Yes this.

On Netflix there’s a 2 or 3 parter on the Romanov Dynasty in Russian, which I forget the exact name of, the chick hosting it has the unfortunate luck a speech impediment pronouncing R’s as W’s, like Jamie Oliver.

I’ve seen that one on torrents. Lucy something…Worsley?

Quite interesting!

Yeah that’s her. It’s pretty good.

Watched a doco on Netflix called Voyeur: about a guy who bought a motel with the express purpose of spying on guests from vents in the ceiling. Very interesting/disturbing for more reasons than the obvious. Anyone else watched it?

Undeniable on the ABC early this week was good.

All about the Child Abuse Royal Commission, or more particularly, people abused.

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For added value, watch it through a peephole.


I wAtched this through my neighbours window while they were watching it.