Draft Day Predictions!

Ok guys, so we're fast approaching the National Draft and it's clearly as exciting as ever due to the fact having two picks inside the top 20 (and of course the unpredictability). I thought I'd create a thread where we all guess the two players to land at 17 & 20, and then after the draft, come back here and compare!! 


So, I'll go first:


17: Peter Wright


20: Jarrod Garlett

  1. Jarrod gartlett

    20.Touk Miller

No hope of guessing.


but .. lets go Goddard & Garlett.

17. The Sky is Falling

20.  Memberships Burned.  Mobs With Pitchforks.

I can’t decide if Dodoro should be sacked after pick 17, or 20.

Probably both.

17. a skinny guy

20. a skinny guy...



always the same

3 half back flankers... for the price of two

17. a skinny guy we haven't heard of

20. a skinny guy...



always the same

17. The Sky is Falling

20.  Memberships Burned.  Mobs With Pitchforks.

Is pick 20 like last year's deal where we got 2 players for pick 48?

17. Nakia Cockatoo


20. Goddard

  1. Laverde
  2. Garlett
  1. Weller
  2. Miller.
  1. Ahern
  2. D. McKenzie
  1. Someone we didn’t expect.
  2. Someone else we didn’t expect.

    Dodoro: “we couldn’t believe they slipped to our pick”

WELLER laverde

17. Laverde
20. Garlett

I will run nude down Burgundy Street in Heidelberg if that happened.
It will likely to be:
17. Weller
20. Miller
  1. Garlett
  2. Lamb

So hard to guess.

If Marchbank or Lamb or McKenzie or Miller are highly rated by clubs above us and there is comments about all of them there will be some sliding going on.

I think…

17. Weller

20. Lamb


D. mckenzie (Hi Vince!)