Dreamtime game thread vs Richmond (year TBC)

Morning …

We’re finally here. And we’re ready.
We belong and we’re good enough, no question.
It’s lift off time for us Bomber fans today.

Lets put a shift in for the players, coaches and the non-believers … Tiges need a beating after all these years.


Media were saying last week the the win away against West Coast last week could be start of the sides true belief and start of a new era

No, that would start-with a win tonight.

Fark im pumped,but very,very scarred from previous dream time matches.

Have we really changed?

We will see tonight.


Dons by 74.


A win tonight will mean we are on the right path, also tigers may be at the end of their reign.

Dees looked good last night.

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There’s way too much confidence around.
I don’t trust our team yet to handle all this positivity.

Tigers by 50


Too much media hype this week.

Tiges by 41


Tigers will hit another gear tonight, they’ll win by plenty.

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It’s going to be one of those awful games where we trail something like 30-2 late in the first quarter, mostly due to some of the Tiger small forwards (Castagna, Aarts, Caddy) …

Then regain some composure during the game to get within 2-3 goals to convince ourselves we are some sort of chance… only to lose by 5 in the end.

Cue a week of Blitz analysis including “Did we get ahead of ourselves?” and “This team is a constant letdown and can’t be trusted”


If we play full-pressure football as we have done for a lot of this year — but far from all of it — then we will be right in the game and have a good chance of winning.

If we don’t, we won’t.

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This will be an arm wrestle all game.

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This is a game for a spot in the top 8.

Richmond will be up for it. No doubt.

Will we?

Can we beat this team that has had our number for so long?

With all that I have, I hope so.


Essendon will win by 16, based on nothing more than how close my predicted margin was a couple of weeks ago against Norf.


Well now I’m all hopeful after some good form, and a great win.
I think this is the point in the season where we will have a series of season ending injuries and lose by 50 points.
Well that’s what usually happens anyway.
Go bombers!

Would love to crack these clowns open, end their era.

This game is massive, and an absolute testament to club’s desire and focus to be better, and it kind of all started last year with brasher, the defectors and the recruits … and Truck who has done such a great job approaching this year afresh.

What a showdown !!! I feel almost I’ll with anticipation.

Sell out + Dreamtime Atmosphere +8th position up for grabs.
Our new young guns couldn’t have dreamed about this opportunity, what a fantastic way to start their careers.

And if we can take our chances we can definitely seize the day, we are on an incline upward, they are treading water desperately these days trying to stay afloat.

If we win our percentage is so good we lock into the 8 and with the back half draw we should at the very least finish no worse.

Come on Bombers !!!


Previously when there is such widespread optimism on blitz, Essendon lets us down in convincing fashion.

I’m bullish about our chances tonight too. I hope this group can buck the trend and prove that they have turned a corner.


I’m looking forward to this and it’s no pressure for mine.

I still think we’re very unlikely to play finals and that our young guns will start to slow down in the back third of the year (as is common). We also have a rough run home.

If we win - that is unbelievably awesome, and maybe we are a small shot at finals / are ahead of where we thought. If we lose but give a good effort - also good, and still shows we are on the right track.


And i thought I started match threads early


Needs more @carrotsalad


After we smash them by 10 goals I’m going to start lining up for GF tickets. I don’t care if the game is being played at the home ground of the Christmas Island Crabs. I’m not letting my 20yo GF guarantee go to waste!