Dumb Questions Amnesty

So…credit score websites are just an information trawling scam, right?

If they’re run by Equifax or Dun & Bradstreet, they’re legit. My last job was with the big Oz mob, Veda, who were taken over by Equifax a month or two after I left.

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Not sure if this is the right thread but anyone on here gamble/punt?

I’m thinking about dropping something large on tom mitchell to win the brownlow and richmond to win the grand final at 4.00
can’t see this not happening unless something crazy happens.

Anyone ever used Rain X??

Bought some ages ago and never actually used it, but just renewed the Wipers, and thought of it, and about finally giving it a go.

Any good? … Shitt?

Sort of like FORE arms.

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Post in the correct thread, thanks.


Good stuff

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Any advice for keeping neighbours cats out of your yards? They keep ■■■■■■■ everywhere and it’s disgusting and annoying.

Is there a Dumb Answer Amnesty?

Get a dog.

You got one to loan me for a week?

Not sure I’m comfortable with that.
Just get one from a shelter, and tell them it was the wrong colour when you take it back in a week.

Edit: Actually, I know who can help you here… @Koala

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Don’t go the dog route.

A dog will just put big turds in your yard.

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All my other suggestions would upset Deckham.

It’s a caricature!

I was think more of a Maltese, but what is that…some sort of Egyptian breed?

Good idea.
Then you’ll have lovely dogshit to pick up instead :slight_smile:


And right you are hahahaha

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True story.

Back in the day, my brother came down from the NT. I met him at the airport. He walked off the plane carrying his 303. He had been shooting buff in the NT eradication campaign back then, so thought nothing of it to take his 303 on the plane when he came back down to Melbourne.

Back in the day, there were no issues with that.

We were living in a terrace house in North Melbourne. We gave him the front room while he was staying.

That first night, about midnight, there came the sound of the screeching of the neighbourhood cats.

Then, a scraping sound as a window was lifted.

Then an almighty blast that had not been heard in Courtney St for many years.

The next thing I heard was “No worries mate, I got it”

@Soulnet, let me know if you would like his help.

I think Hoges modelled Crocodile Dundee on my brother.


If a tree falls in the forest and squashes a squirrel dead is it murder

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