Couldn’t find something that could answer this and please fire into the sun if there is but I badly need some help regarding setting up a shopify account.

I mean I’ve started it but got to a bit about domains and naming domains and domain email addresses that look long and confusing and something I never agreed to.

It’s creating angst and inner turmoil and I’ve started taking it out on small children. I mean they were on the TV at the time but they didn’t deserve it.

If this is your bag I’ll pay if necessary and you can get in and drive it till the need to get angry at pixels has left.

And once shop is operational you can have a discount*.

  • if I can figure out how to work the discount button.

PM @Mendozaaaa

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Get AI to do it for you

who’s al?


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never used shopify as the extent of my web development skillset is using 20 year old html/css coding to macgyver fixes to 10 year old wordpress builds, but i’d be confident in saying you could skip the whole domain bit and just end up with a direct link you could publish elsewhere?

That’s what I was leaning to until I stumbled across a video last night which may be able to help once I get to that part.

I was hoping we had more eggheads on board.

I can probably help you, have been running a shopify store for 4 years

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