EFC Retro Guernseys

I ordered one of those EFC retro jumpers from the Bomber Shop, got delivered today. Must say I'm very impressed with the authenticity and quality, the old-school woolen/acrylic blend, VFL logo, sewn on sash and collar are the business, you forget over time how well made and traditional these jumpers are now that they are all made from polyester and designed for performance. Comes presented in a pretty neat display box too. I see just about all clubs except for the Johnny-come-lately AFL franchises have a retro jumper for purchase, all of them look superb and they have brought back memories for me!


The only slight thing I would change is that there is a retro EFC logo in place of where the sponsor's logo would generally sit. It would've been super-cool if they were able to put a Nubrik/Don Smallgoods logo like the jumpers of the time, however I understand that from a commercial perspective it wouldn't be possible. I'd upload a photo on here but I'm at work and unable to load these on a photo sharing site due to security. Anyone else got one?

How much did it cost?

I've got a ridgy-didge one from the 80's.


Still fits. Sort of.

How much did it cost?


$125 with a member discount, $150 for non-members I think. Pricey but a nice piece to have in the collection. Other clubs are doing long-sleeved versions but I didn't see one for us, mind you those jumpers did make me itch as a kid so I'm happy to go sleeveless!


Like it Diggers, was it a Nubrik or Don Smallgoods one? I'm very envious of a mate who managed to acquire a L/S Neale Daniher VFL/Don Smallgoods one, framed and signed. Fap-worthy!

I had an Alan Ezard old wollen jumper with the VFL logo. Don't think it had the sponsor on it, but it won't fit me anymore, I was 5 when I had it.


Went online to have a look for it, couldn't find it (the new retro top, that is)

Lyon Sportswear in Mordialloc make them for all clubs.

If you call Hugh Lyon he will probably know where you can get one.


As far as I know, they are the only company left that still makes the old style jumpers.

But they don't do them cheap.

If you wanted a one-off, they're looking at $150 each.

I guess with larger orders they can buy the material in bulk and do them cheaper.

I would love to get my hands on one of the guernseys from the 80s to mid 90s.

I can't find this on the Bombershop website, can anyone hit me up with a link?

There's the link. A bit of a joke the price of them though...