EFC Twitter and social media

Just a shout out to the Essendon team on twitter. I don’t have twitter to reply, but some of the quips on there are first class and are great to read through the app or website.

A few go over a lot of heads aka. man’s not hot. If you don’t know what this refers to look it up. Lynx effect.

And the one today with an old photo that looks like dodoro, but EFC Twitter responds with ‘Not enough Jackets’. Killed me. Clearly finger on the blitz pulse.

So a shout out to you all, great work on the content and laughs. Keep em going, especially in the off season when we are starved. Great fan interaction.


Not on any social media (unless you count Blitz!) so appreciate feedback of news, twitter/Facebook stuff, funnies etc (and explanations of!!) This is my ‘go to first’ site for all things Essendon (& not!) Cheers!


If you use the app or EFC website it has the twitter feed. Some comedy gold

I do use the EFC app, but generally check in here first for updates. :+1:

No phone, so no apps, and no Twitter or Instagram. Am l missing something?



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21st century.


So…not really?


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no - Twitter, Instagram etc are available on a computer. It’s whether you want to dive in. The club has a SOCIAL MEDIA window (off to the right) showing its twitter and facebook stuff.

Back in China now, and will possibly be here for a large chunk of next year also, Facebook and Twitter are banned here. They have also announced that they will block all VPNs by the end of February.

Inscrutably clever these Chinese.

The World would be a much better place without Twitter, FB etc. , and only kiddy ■■■■ watchers or other vicious lawbreakers have VPN.