Electric condoms anyone?

Lol. You could have some laughs with upping the amps in your friends stash.


Not entirely sure (yes I am - no thanks) I'd want an electric shock to the ■■■■■■ myself though.


And isn't electricity and moist environments a bad idea?




Digital condom delivers electric shocks to the wearer

  • 6 hours ago February 26, 2014 1:53AM

Shocker!... The “Electric Eel” road-tested with a courgette. Picture: Comingle.io Source: Supplied

CALLED the “Electric Eel”, it might just be the worst or best invention you‘ve ever heard of depending on how heated you like things in the bedroom.

The so-called digital condom is hooked up to deliver electric shocks to help stimulate arousal.

The design team, who say they have all “personally tested the device”, insist that “the amount of electricity being used is very small”.

They have set up a crowd-funding platform on Indigogo but the response so far has been, well, a little limp.

Their funding target of $US10,000 ($11,000) is looking a touch over ambitious. Right now they‘ve raised just $US80.

The device features a sleeve made of fabric attached to a harness that fits under the user‘s arms and generates electric pulses. In a promotional video posted to YouTube a man can be seen road-testing it. After strapping in, he gives a few embarrassed grins to camera as the “Electric Eel” powers up.



Feeling good... The man in the video seems to like it. Picture: Comingle.io Source: Supplied

The prototype was created by Firaz Peer and Andrew Quitmeyer from Georgia Tech‘s Digital Media Program. On their website they claim to be developers of “open-source sex technology”.

“The mission of our work is to promote sexual empowerment through physical computing, education, and outreach,” they write on the website.




and it's all over you, electric goo..

I have been told that I’m shocking in bed.

Think I'll go halves with someone. Can't afford one to myself. Anyone? Alternate days and every second weekend?

I suppose if you like whips and hot wax during sex then this might be along those lines.


I thought it might be to stop you from going over the edge, not help you go over it...

Geez, and I thought regular condoms were a buzz kill...

does he come with the appliance, if so I'M IN!

Never thought I’d be into AC DC sex, but now I’m curios


Think I’ll go halves with someone. Can’t afford one to myself. Anyone? Alternate days and every second weekend?

“The Zimmer” would be a great name for this product.

Current trends are alarming.

Could be a mess for the gays.