Emergency Lunchtime Podcast with Rohan Connolly discussing Shiel news


As if people are perturbed by the intro music.



The interview was great :+1:


Is the other guy (Grant?) a Blitzer too?


Well done guys… How good was it to listen to a totally Essendon biased podcast after a good day at the trade table! It was fun. I laughed at the intro.


No not as yet. Still learning how to get a twitter account lol


Good stuff guys. Didn’t realise that Shiel’s centre clearance work was 3rd only to Dusty and Danger. That’s some serious company.


Cheers for all the feedback folks. Appreciate this community and long standing friends


End of trade week podcast?


Actually doing a podcast tonight that will involve trade talk but we have Ralphy from the Hirdy podcast on to discuss how his podcast came about. Also a look at his time Producing the footy show


You’re getting closer to the main man himself!!!