Emergency Lunchtime Podcast with Rohan Connolly discussing Shiel news

Here is the Emergency Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast with Rohan Connolly as guest discussing the huge Shiel news and what that means for 2019 for the Mighty Red and Black


Intro song…Bahahaha! Nice. Listening now. Cheers.


Thanks again for doing these. awesome to have essendon discussion during the off season :smiley:


Cheers. We just had too on this news. Good day to be a Bomber fan


Had to troll them


Pearl Harbour 2 - starring Dylan Shiel.

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Great show.

In regards to the possibility of using a future pick. From what I understand it’s not an issue to use a future first round pick in a trade because we picked Parrish and Francis with first round picks.

Which means we’ve used 2 first round picks over a 4 year period.

Enjoyable listening.

The excitement in all 3 voices was great. Am now hanging out for next season, can’t come soon enough.

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Just humour


Cheers ellie

That was awesome, Intro dripping with Cheese and loved every moment.

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Intro nearly made me spew.

Considering I was driving at the time, consider yourselves lucky. :sweat_smile:

Great podcast though, gents. Some great guests this year, long may it continue.

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Yeh the intro everyone was just a bit of fun and not to be over thought off too much. We are not use too landing a big fish and beating Carlton and Hawthorn. For one night we had to have fun with it. It’s a great day. Big moment for the club and to be blunt … as fans we are ■■■■■■ excited. But now we gotta win finals

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The intro is perfect. :+1:



Intro is ace - EAD Carlton

The intro made me laugh

Those that didn’t like it must have Funphobia

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agree…cheers too

As if people are perturbed by the intro music.