End of 2018 Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast with Gary O' Donnell as Guest


Thanks guys… What a treat getting Gary O’Donnell on the show. Terrific interview.


Yeah, as great as it is to hear from the former champions, it would be nice to hear an interview with someone who is very much Essendon, but not in that upper echelon of past players.


We have been thinking about this. For example we wanted to hear from Gumbleton and Winderlich . Reckon both would have interesting stories to tell


I have a feeling that winderlich is gettable. He seemed really open to talking to the public.

From memory he publicised his phone number in a podcast interview.


He will also be able to plug his timber business!


I think you should bundle him with Sam Lonergan and bring them both on.

Sam was a 3rd rounder

So was Ricky


He drops his phone number from the 34 minute mark. Send him an SMS!


Oh cheers for this


My favourite player. I’ve an ulterior motive in giving you that advice! If you get a good interview, I’ll be looking forward to it.


Will contact him in 2-3 weeks to see if he is keen


Thanks for all the support on this show. Still going well even today