End of 2018 Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast with Gary O' Donnell as Guest

Here it is!!! Our Final 2018 Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast with special guest…Eseendon Legend Gary O’ Donnell.

This is a must listen folks!!!


great get mate. look forward to listening to this later tonight :smiley:

Was a brilliant chat and some surprising insights

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Only been listening for 15 minutes and he’s had a crack at Harv’s 3 times! :laughing::laughing:

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Lol yes… love it

IMO Ridley is ahead of Gleeson.

I don’t think Gleeson is a walk-up start, unless he shows he hasn’t missed a beat in the JLT matches. It’s too big a risk to have a player walk in, that hasn’t played for over 12 months.

Francis is my favourite, but I thought Ridley should have been picked ahead of him late in the season. Ridley’s composure and kicking is Fletcher-like. He’s a gun imo.


Its such a hard call with Ridley and Gleeson. I just tlike the idea of a young player through good form forcing his way in than being handed it

ITunes link is below

Great podcast boy’s, really enjoyed it.

Cheers gorgo

Great interview guys, thanks.

A cracking podcast. Like hearing an early Christmas present. Over the break l will have to trawl back through the Hangar, to listen to some of the others. That will have to tie me over until the team returns, bigger, faster and stronger in 2019.


Cheers CJ

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great podcast man. got really excited at the draper hype at the end!

I really rate Sammy bigtime…Lookout for Ridley too


Riddle me this!

Yeah Ridley is going to be a star. I remember his first VFL game after a back injury. He just looks a class above.

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Request for a future podcast guest. It seems only fitting that this request be made today, Ricky Dyson.

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Funnily enough I was thinking of that last night.

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