Ess vs cats rd 9 tickets

I’m after 2 tickets on level 2 wing for the rd9 country game. I tried at the members presale and also general sale with no luck.
Do they only release certain bays first?

Yeah, I had a look and it’s saying Allocation Exhausted for level 2 Wing. It’s never clear if that is actually the case or not. Sorry I can’t be more help.

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I went to buy tickets for the Adelaide game and got tickets exhausted. Later in the day I got tickets on the wing. They apparently keep realeasing more tickets for sale, so keep trying.

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Does anyone know what end the essendon cheer squad will be for this game?

Home games at MCG you’ll likely find the Dons cheer squad behind the Punt Road goals around M6.

Hi fellow blitzers, if anyone could help with 2 seats to this game would be much appreciated. The wife and I will be visiting melbourne for the weekend and would love to take her to her first live game and sit amongst fellow bomber supporters.

Where are you visiting from?

Meet you in the Victory Room kido’s


Ticketek currently has level 2 behind the goals. Beggars can’t be choosers.

Yeah down the cats end, we want to sit with bombers supporters punt rd end.

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Always wanted to visit Tasmania. Do you do skiing down there?


It’s our home game yes?

If so we have level 2 seats in the HM area. I’m almost sure we’re not attending so you’re welcome to use our tickets.

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