Essendon App iPhone

Anyone else like me unable to use the app? Keeps shutting down. Won’t open.

Working okay on my iPhone. Try deleting it and reinstalling it maybe?

Thanks. Tried that. Same problem

How do I watch the latest “from the coaches“ vid?
I got the email but only shows the round prior. Same thing happened last week.

Same for me.

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The app is hopeless. I got it when I first heard it existed, but soon realised it was completely useless and deleted it.

Now I get an email saying that if I want to see the From the Coach video I have to have the damn app to do so. So I download it and open it, and what do I see? A ■■■■■■ ad for something I’m not interested in. And is the From the Coach video there?


Waste of ■■■■■■■ time. I can do without the video anyway, which never says anything of any interest anyway.

So the app has been deleted again. The club should be ashamed of allowing something so inept to go out with official club approval. Completely incompetent.

I did notice that it has a five star rating in the App Store. A fake score if ever I saw one.

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I actually like the new app. Much better than the last one and a couple of really good features. Especially like that we can send our tickets to someone else if we’re not attending. Unfortunately when we did this today the poor guy had to go to the membership tent as they wouldn’t scan. Hopefully that can be fixed ASAP.

Round 4 coaches update now available :grin:

Bit of a bump, semi related, where can you download the blitz app for iPhone? Taaa

Was referring to club app, not blitz sorry.

No worries, Il keep looking

Looking for what?

Are you referring to the discourse app? It’s in the App Store then just add Blitz

Great thanks , Il give that a try

The blitz app for iphone :upside_down_face:

Does the app have more or less of the 429 errors?

I didn’t know about this, but I’ve switched to it and it seems much faster than what I was doing before, which was logging on via Safari.

Is it the discourse hub app? I downloaded it, but can’t find bomberblitz.

Yes it is, and I had no problems at all. Look for

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Thanks. Got it.

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