Essendon articles in media during off-season

OK. So I couldn’t see a sub forum on this topic so if there is, please remove.

Is it just me or do we again appear to have more AFL articles in the media in this offseason than our fellow Melbourne clubs?

I feel like it’s the same every off-season - at least since post Saga.

Whilst I like reading about the club and what’s happening, until we start seeing some success (I’m talking finals and winning at least one people), I’d prefer we don’t feature in the media. If I really want to read something about the club, I’ll come here or to the official site to get a taste of what’s going on.

Is it the Essendon media group that keep us in there or is it the media camps who just like us so much?

Happy to have the occasional article, but I’d prefer we stay low key and let the Richmond, Hawthorn, Melbourne and Collingwood’s take most of the spotlight at least this off season.

I’m hoping we can live up to predictions this next season and shake ■■■■ up, and make and shape the finals outcomes, so if we end up winning the GF in 2019 (you never know), I’m happy for people to come back to this post and hang it on me.

Anyway, interested if others feel the similar way or I’m way off the mark here.



Picture Gil and co in farmers gear,about to start milking a cow full of $$$$.

Thats what is happening.

And we’re rising!!!


No it’s not just you, irks me we are in the media as much as we are. Will admit I don’t read many of them, coz I know if they are worth reading they will posted on BB. When I do read one and think it’s informative I will post it on BB also.

(I will admit though if I read the comments section and people are pi$$ed off re ‘not another Essendon’ article, I get some amusement from it :slightly_smiling_face:)

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The media would only do it if they were getting a response so I guess if affirms our status as a popular club. I agree it’s overkill but it’s also a testament to our importance.

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I don’t think there’s any conspiracy or anything mysterious about it at all. We’re a large and powerful club with an army of supporters, which means that a lot of people will read or watch news about us. We’ve talked up expectations for ourselves. There’s not much other football news in the off season. So what would anyone expect?

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Still makes my blood boil that we never declared war against these scumbags and banned certain individuals from the club.
We had to put up them writing or speaking lies and mis truths for the last few years and now they want to suck up to us.


Take off the tin foil hat mate