Essendon fan podcast

Was at the gym and came across the Essendon fan podcast, not bad and clearly fans as similar points to what is often discussed on here.
Thought they could use some suggestions of topics though.

Anyone else come across podcast Essendon related worth a listen. Yep already aware of Rohan’s and also Cooney’s.

Looking for more fan based ones like I found by James and Ashley.


Didn’t know this one existed. Will give it a listen.


The Sash
Windy Hill Windsock
The lunchtime catch-up podcast

Are all good value Essendon focussed podcasts all with their different styles.

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and when they can be ■■■■■■ the blitzcast right @benfti @Riolio, maybe even @dingus ???

The ‘J Worsfold is an AFL Plant and Other Plots to Ruin the EFC’ is good fun. Available on all sh*t streaming platforms.

As if diggers knows what a podcast is anyway.

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Needs more #MOMENTUM

diggers just talks into a mirror.

Might try do another reaction cast this season. Might even try and do it live and stream it on youtube this year