Essendon Memorabilia

Just putting out an idea, I’m not sure if the mods will support and that’s fine.

My Grandfather had a couple of old Essendon memorabilia that he was keen to sell. He wasnt keen on the idea of selling it on EBay or Gumtree for some memorabilia company to purchase and on sell them profit. But wanted Essendon people to enjoy it.

So just had an idea, that perhaps others might be in the same boat. So just putting out the idea of starting a Thread for anyone wanting to sell old memoribilia.


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So what’s he selling?

yeah make with it already!

Going through an old box & stumbled across this old Scanlens sticker album from ‘83.


Love both those logos, crap on the current one.

The one that looks like a Mirage, and the cartoon one with the bent nose.


“Too war like”.

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Not sure if this one was ever an official piece of merchandise, but I’d like to see us roll with something like this.



That’s more like it.

Thought I would ask in here. Does anyone have a spare 2018 membership lapel pin. Unfortunately I lost mine and the club wasn’t able to replace it with the standard one. They gave me a five year member pin to replace it but looks weird next to my actual five year member pin and it would be nice to have the normal one.

I’m fairly sure I have one, LB. It isn’t a spare, but you can have it. It’s in a box somewhere. I’ll dig it out & post it to you. PM your addy details. Cheers.


Was speaking to my mate the other week, and we both have the habit of storing/hoarding Essendon related stuff in large tubs.

I’ve pretty much got 20+ years of game tickets, bumper stickers, fridge magnets etc all store away.

Anyone else do this?

I’ve lost most of my stuff through moving too many times but I had this framed in 93. One day I’ll try and get it signed.


Hi all

I’m selling the below James Hird piece of memorabilia - I would love it to go to an Essendon fan who would appreciate it. Anyone interested?

Would look good on the wall Fog.

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Afternoon folks. Just found this 45 today on a dig. Can’t find much about it on the net. Anyone seen another?


I’ve got this.

Yes, thats Longy’s signature.
Yes, he was the Norm Smith medalist.
No, I’m not selling it.
Just showing off :grin:


While we are showing off, I’ve got this.
And yes, those signatures are Graham Moss, Gavin Wanganeen, James Hird, and Jobe Watson. Our last 4 Brownlow Medallists.

It’s not for sale either.


I wouldn’t sell it either.

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Looks familiar :wink:

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picked up this last week for 15 bucks. immaculate. stoked