Essendon Official App

I have reserved seats for home games and I received an email from the club telling me that access to future games will be through the Essendon App.
I have a Samsung phone so Android platform.
I tried downloading from the Play Store several times, all unsuccessful.
It just says “Pending” and nothing happens.
Are others having this issue?
Is the club aware of this problem?
Is there any other way of downloading the app to my phone?

I’ve had that pending thing and it normally eventually installs.

In fact sometimes it says pending and the App is actually already installed. Check to see if it has maybe?

sometimes mine won’t download apps if it’s over mobile data, only via wifi. Sits there saying ‘pending’

I’ve got it on iPhone.

One trick to be aware of, on the page where you need to link to your ticketmaster account, you also need to (again) log into your membership account. So both are linked and it shows your ticket.

Clear google play store cache. Reset phone. May need to do this a few times. Resets seem to eventually fix the issue. Isn’t an EFC problem.

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