Essendon Players' Workrate


It was painfully obvious that we have some players who run harder when the ball is in their vicinity than when they are defending territory.

Stringer was the most glaring example, but we had at least a half dozen occasions when I saw players give up before the play was complete. Geelong players never stopped until the whistle was blown. Keeping at it is critical, you never know what the inferred pressure might do.

Zaharakis was our best defensive midfield runner I thought and ended up deep in the backline on two or three occasions, one out with his opponent with mismatches. That may have been by design on geelong’s part but he certainly put the miles in.


I’d 100% question those numbers.

Those are blown-off-the-park numbers. In a 1 kick game? Nah. Looks like the tech has stuffed up, again.


I actually think that good teams play counter attack footy against us. It’s as if they know we will stuff a kick or handball and turn it over. At that point we are screwed because we have run hard forward.


Yep. But they know we’ll turn it over if they keep the pressure on. Then the inevitable happens, and the are set up to run the other way.

We are not there yet. Skill wise and psychologically we are way off.


When I first looked at the stats it had both teams’ players on an average of 4km travelled for the game.

Zero faith in it.


Excellent learnings in this thread.

I will take it back to the boys.


I would have thought we ran more considering how many kicks didn’t hit targets.


They don’t have to be Nostrodamus to know that. We often don’t put more than a few possessions together before turning the ball over. Our kicking skills have for years been execrable. Why in the world this has not been fixed at training is yet another EFC mystery.


Our work rate is good when we win and bad when we lose.

Geelong ran harder than us for the whole game except the last part of the first quarter. That’s why they won.

The important question is, Why don’t we turn up ready to play at 100% full intensity every week? Why do we drop it off every couple of weeks? It’s been the same problem for the best part of 20 years and there’s no sign whatever that it’s about to change


Sydney beat us again by 7kms I believe. Serious issues


It is possible that more players than Fanta were effected, even slightly by “the virus”, which has effected our work rate the last couple of weeks.
Hopefully we get our forwards back, our health back and come home with a full sail.


We have been exposed in work rate for quite some time, this why we always play a spareman at the contest… so we don’t get exposed for numbers around the football.


During 2018 I felt we had a running problem, and that it was a big reason why we lost regularly on the MCG.

I liked the recruitment of Jok, to improve our list in this respect…and now that I’ve come to realise how good a runner Ham is, I give that draft pick a big tick.

I started to doubt my theory when we beat MELB and BRIS this year on the MCG…but it all came back on Anzac Day. In Q1, before any fatigue could really be blamed, I saw COLL tear us apart with their sprint efforts. I remember watching Smith fall behind his opponent, and being surprised that he was amongst those that couldn’t keep up…I think that COLL did slow down after that Q1 burst, and we then kept pace with them much better.

So…I wouldn’t personally write off all the numbers as a data error.


Has little to do with the point your making but I believe Smith was seriously struggling with the knee that day


what’s the old saying, work smarter not harder.
it’s just a pity we have so many dumb footballers trying to play smart and work less.

no amount of working hard will cover the mistakes and esp the unforced mistakes so many players make.

i’ve said the same thing for so many years, it’s just not funny anymore.


I don’t know if its been mentioned, I don’t know how acurate the data might be.

However the data is there to be reviewed and interpreted and it doesn’t look good.

I can post more but its late and I’m on the phone. So the past 3 weeks will have to do, I feel it paints a good enough picture

Starting with the our most recent game against the Swans:

Couldn’t even get a total of 8 sprints in by any Essendon player.

Week before against Geelong:

Again, couldn’t even get 5 sprints in by at least one player.

Finally, against Collingwood:

So Connor at least made the list but again we are no where near the opposition in terms of total team sprints.

Have I missed a memo where our data is inaccurate and there is no reason for concern.

Or is this data accurate and results quite concerning?


That’s all pretty fekking damning if correct,…


Don’t discount the idea that the people responsible for the data at the club are incorrectly recording it…


Do you know how its recorded?

I’ve noticed higher numbers at Etihad than anywhere else, so no doubt there are inconsitencies but where and why?


Kieran Jack 10 sprints?