Essendon Players' Workrate


Just running smarter…yeah I got nothing


The last episode of the Trends podcast the AFL did was about this stuff, focused on how the pies gave themselves a billion soft tissue injuries changing the type of game running they do


One of the interesting things from that episode to me was the fact that the stats only show the top five to the public as part of the CBA, basically players don’t want the punters knowing how far every player is running. Probably in a vain attempt to stave off threads like this one I guess.


Even if it is inaccurate, it’s hard to believe that the level of inaccuracies isn’t across the board.


Spot on - our work rate is abysmal.

Every week, these stats seem to show:

  • we have way less repeat sprint efforts than our opponents
  • we run less overall km than our opponent

Absolutely a work rate issue - but how much is fitness, and/or game plan and/or after-effect of turnovers (one of the few stats we regularly have more of - unfortunately - than our opponents).


You gotta wonder a little whether Dylan Shiel’s dad’s comment to someone on Blitz about us not training hard enough preseason has some merit.


Anyone that seen our Pre season matches and the first 2 games, knows very well our fitness level was inadequate. Preparation for the season was An embarrassment .


Did any brainiac find out the reason behind Paul Turk’s sudden departure prior to round one ?


No comment on the work rate, but game plan will affect these numbers as well.


Some context for those numbers so far this year:

Team that wins the sprint efforts wins the game 44% of the time.

Total sprints ladder

Total sprints percentage (calculated like ladder percentage)


I’m not sure what is more worrying. That it has happened at all, or that it clearly hasn’t been addressed.


So, by extension, the team that loses sprint efforts wins 56% of the time…


Pretty much. There was one drawn sprint count, so very slightly lower.


What is the % wins for teams that have less than half of the sprints of their opponent?




2 wins, 3 losses.


Is the game measured on who sprints the most?

Guessing that’s more indicative of the game style easily employed against us. Those opposition sprint efforts will be running the ball out of our clogged fwd line to score.


Personally what I’d take from the numbers is that they’re not indicative of anything much. Fluctuate wildly from week to week for most teams, has no correlation to actually winning.


Is this information available for last season?
Would be good to compare if it is.


It is, but I got it by going through every match this year in the AFL Live app and manually putting it into a spreadsheet. I’m not bored enough right now to go and do that for another 200 games.