Essendon v Carlton review

Won the clearances, more scoring shots…22 points down.

lol carlton.

File that one away and never think of it again.


But at least we aren’t here crying about losing to farkCarlton… Don’t know if I could have faced another day with that over my head!

Great to get the points but that was fkn awful.

Simple explanation for the win - Essendon were less awful than Carlton were.

Garbage game. Not even worth talking about. Move on to ANZAC day.

A bit lucky to win… Carlton can’t kick for ■■■■.

Hooker, Hurley and Fletcher were solid in defence… Colyer and Watson were great in midfield… Hepps and Zaka a bit down but alright.
Joey was great, did what was necessary as the key forward.

Got smashed in the ruck and clearances and this was what kept the Blues in the game.

Fark Carlton!!!

Thank ■■■■


Bottom line is, a win is a win, no matter how ugly it is… every win counts towards making finals.

Let’s just not even discuss it and forget about it completely

Worst win ive seen in years. Maybe ever

Meh winning’s winning

Playing wide after a 6 day turnaround a worry. Further fatigue when we’re not as damage tolerant.

They’ll be freshened up for ANZAC day. Shame the dawg will miss.

They wanted it more, a sad indictment on our players

It’s like if you play AFL Live 1 and you become good, some games don’t go to plan, momentum of the other team can affect any plans you have to win big.

Well done Essendon, ugly game, good win.

They wanted it more, a sad indictment on our players

Not when it counted in the second quarter.

Time for Bellchambers to extract the digit. Last season and injury are gone, so no excuses.

Really terrible game by him, and that miss from the top of the goal square was due to a total lack of care. Shades of his miss last year against Melbourne.

Out Stanton

Worst on ground = Bellchambers


Bottom line is, a win is a win, no matter how ugly it is... every win counts towards making finals.

Sick of that attitude. Thats loser talk. Need to start making our presence in the competition felt and playing like we actually deserve to be there rather than just scraping in and making up the numbers.