Essendon v Gold Coast Suns 2023 – Match Day Thread

I’m getting a bad vibe here…

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Game over

He can’t compete and in his 4th year has no strength or presence

In: Voss

Gee swans pummeled Hawks

We are done. I called this first quarter.

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We are done

Need to start winning it out the middle again


I’m still ■■■■■■ at Heppell.

Now that we are losing, I have to say that [insert my whipping boy] is having a shocker.

Gotta make a move Brad

Yep, hep off, guelfi on

he’s an impressive player

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heppell kicked away our momentum

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We will win.

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Very limp start. Beaten in contests, rebounded against and free players in their 50

Yeah blaming Jones for that is completely misreading things

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Drop ■■■■■■■ Heppelllllllll

He needs perfect conditions. His opponent reacted quicker

The Suns are a better football team than us.