Essendon v Gold Coast Suns 2023 – Match Day Thread

Yep, hep off, guelfi on

he’s an impressive player

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heppell kicked away our momentum

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We will win.

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Very limp start. Beaten in contests, rebounded against and free players in their 50

Yeah blaming Jones for that is completely misreading things

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Drop ■■■■■■■ Heppelllllllll

He needs perfect conditions. His opponent reacted quicker

The Suns are a better football team than us.

Weak as fkg ■■■■ this lot.

Jones had a okay first quarter but has been non existent since. its not good enough, at all

Nah was totally to his disadvantage in my view. Jones has been poor but that was not on him

Midfield losing it

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Jones is not a first forward

Porr selection

midfield needs to lift - Setterfield

Our top end has been ok, but our bottom 10 has been very poor.

wtf was that for

we can’t afford to play badly with the umps on their side

Switch on you pelicans


Our ‘elite’ midfield need a rocket.

Absolute appalling


We’re getting smashed in the guts this quarter

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