Essendon v Gold Coast Suns 2023 – Match Day Thread

Saints are going to destroy us next week

RIP Dyson Heppel

You were great champ. Hope you have a great last season.


Need to shut down Rowell asap

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classic midfield folding in centre clearances the moment we lose momentum


We are done!!

Similar to the Fremantle game at Marvel about this time last year.

Pretty even first half and then we just didn’t rock up in the third.

Doubt we can outscore them now going by out first half performance

No coincidence that we started setterfield on the bench and parish Merrett and Shiel in the middle and our intensity around the ball evaporated


Still in the rooms.

we’ve lost our structures

Senior players letting us down. Most notably the 2 most senior. Why is voss in the vfl?

9 disp between Rowell and Anderson so far this qtr

Oh boy we back in late 2022

We have no one with the ability to do it.

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Yep, been saying we need more from some of the other players, being left to too few. People are focusing on Jones and Heppell but ignoring players like Martin and Perko who are basically doing nothing.

Bury us Suns!!!

The entire side stopped running.

Can someone get that drum out? Gods sake.

In the vfl, pretty average today, might need some time in the 2nds

Getting bullied on the inside. Gold Coast midfielders have too much power. We have zero want to hit bodies.