Essendon v Hawks Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast review

Here it is. @LunchCatchUp Podcast review of the Essendon v Hawks game. We also discuss Heppell’s, Belly’s, Myers and Woosha’s comments after the game.


Great work guys. Really like your passion - you make a lot of sense. Helps after coming off another disappointing loss.

Interesting about Woosha talking on Richardson. Not sure what to make of that.

I was a bit taken back as well

Not sure what to make of it, very defensive and putting it back on the players. Gotta wonder if there is a rift between the players and coaches?

Of course there is. It’s pretty easy to tell.

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A great podcast. Please ask about having three players around the goal square (5m out) for opposition kick ins. This means we are outnumbered when kick ins are taken.

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Cheers mate. Really appreciate the support we get. Hope it comes across as authentic with some small insights

Yeah great job Scott, listened to it this morning. Woosha’s response very ordinary, smacks of a man not willing to take responsibility. Nowhere else to pass the buck on to pal-you’re it.

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Cheers, yes take ownership. You are a premiership coach Woosha

Thanks again, CJ. Love your work

I think we need to go 5 kids for 5 deadwoods.

love the pod guys.

edit: a real criticism can you tone down the intro sound in the future? have to lower it then can’t hear you guys when you kick in.

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Cheers… feedback always welcome. Will have a look at intro sound

I want the players to take more ownership, they are a pack of precious softcocks, they are probably complaining about the criticism right now


But then again, I still have not gotten over the orange Capri pants saga which I still think is the clubs darkest hour


Can’t say i agree the true fans will be the ones there on saturday.

imo the true fans have been there for the last 6 years.


about halfway through the podcast (great listen so far).

Really like the idea of whoever goes to tag Zac, someone just dumps him at the bounce and wrestles him. Sets the tone.

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won’t happen


Very valid point. Think he meant the people saying they no longer will go to games because of losing. But it’s tough on some fans… as they hate seeing players dish that up. I get it

Thanks for all the support above for the show