Essendon v Port Adelaide match day thread: Clash of the Disappointments


Dead rubber

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I haven’t had a drink in 4 weeks. Did half dry July/August. Just went to the bottle shop. Gonna need a few to get through the grave yard shift game.

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Port by 59.

Tredrea with 6, Dew with 4, Pickett with 3 and the Burgoynes a couple each.


Pickett will get 12 weeks after running straight through one of our players.

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Mark Williams really has it over us in the coaches box.

Just looking at the final teams. Two tall forwards out, Bryan in. Why on earth with all our young tall forwards in the VFL couldn’t they give one of them a shot?

Damn I hate how the current administration doesn’t give a stuff about development.


Maybe they want to develop Bryan?

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They suck almost as badly as we do.


I hate myself for deciding to turn up to this.


Jnr jnr kicked a goal in vfl debut, nothing else matters today.

No issues with Bryan.

Its not playing a second true forward alongside Wright. When there are a heap who could benefit from the experience.

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Only 2 more games to go
Thank â– â– â– â– 

AFL team needs to win by 28 for us to win the weekend, due to the wheelchairs destroying our percentage.

Team For Against Percentage
AFLW 56 36 156%
VWFL 39 91 43%
VFL 74 69 107%
AFL ? ? ?
TOTAL 169 196 86%

Reckon Draper might play a lot of the game forward alongside Wright whilst Bryan does the bulk of the ruck work.

Port have gone with no recognised ruckman and will use Finlayson who doesn’t like contested ball situations.


surprised they didn’t roll out Brendan Lade for this match, but Primus will be a formidable opponent for our rucks.

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I agree with this, and there is enough evidence at AFL level that it is worth trialling a forward line that has 2 genuine talls (today that is 1 ruck + 2MP) + two taller flankers (Jake, Langford) + 2 pressure smaller forwards (Guelfi, Perkins, resting mid).
We have good young talls with potential but we still need to recognise that forward pressure is essential
ie not playing a 3rd genuine tall forward is an experiment as to what our forward structure should be looking towards next year.

Everything at our club is a question mark at the moment. Serious problems I believe nothing has been solved since woosha left. If anything it’s worse.

In fairness, Worsfold leaving DID solve one of our problems.


Possibly because, as I mentioned in an earlier Post, they’ve had a few ideas about countering Allir.
Who, let’s face it, would not exactly give Baldwin or Reid (as a tall forward) a confidence boost, given at this stage he’d absolutely towel them up.
Could have gone left field, and picked Voss to bury him so often he loses his leaping ability, but otherwise the cupboard is injured or developing

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