Essendon V Port Game Day MCG 01/07/23

After last week’s drubbing by Freo, what sort of team can we expect this week? I think last week was Scott’s worse game as coach, plus Redman and Langford left a lot to be desired. They also had a few mates. Some media scribes are saying the Bombers will win only TWO games for the rest of the 2023 season - Eagles and North. I hope they are wrong, but last week’s performance doesn’t give me any confidence. Maybe it is time to make a few changes. My team will create a lot of criticism. Zerk , Draper and Heppell must be doubtful, so I’ve left them out.
McGrath Weideman (don’t laugh) Lav
Hind Ridley Redman
Martin Merrett Durham
Perkins Cox Langford
Menzie Wright Stringer
Phillips Parish Dodds
Caldwell Bryan Guelfi Tsatas
EMER. Snelling, Kelly, Baldwin, D’ambrosio (Sub)
OUT. Zerk, Heppell (both injured) Kelly and Snelling (both omitted)
Time to give Tsatas a start to his AFL career. Cox is a favourite. He may not play CHF while Stringer would be the obvious choice and Cox to the forward pocket.
Weideman - well Port have Dickson who is tall, heavy and strong over head. We are short on talls for the backline. He has to be given a chance after having not kicked a goal in the last seven games. Not sure whether Shiel is ready to return. Wouldn’t mind seeing whether McBride is ready for AFL. Has all the right attributes to fill a position on the backline.

There’s already a thread bro.

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