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I remember this first up rematch, the two Grand Finalists. It was brought in from Round 3 to Round 1 iirc and played a VFL Park, we got up by a couple kicks. What’s interesting is that following the lead up to the 1984 GF with the whole substance sniffing allegation and then victory, it’s interesting to see these two interviewed side by side only months later. Another point of interest is the question about coaches exploiting rules and the league’s response. There’s tension here.



Kickett to Mercuri @ 12.52 :heart:


I remember that video. There’s a bit where Ian Robertson is talking about Paul Hudson, who had just had Mark Thompson shifted onto him. He says something like Hudson will have to realise that the intensity of Mark Thompson is far greater than he’s experienced so far. It stuck in my mind.


Yep, he said that after two passages of play that Thompson dominated. Hudson was very quiet in the footage they showed, only touched the ball once or twice iirc. Great video from the greatest season ever.


Watson magic, a sublime young Hird and a Boris barrel. What’s not to like! :grinning:


l found this last night. Plenty of memorable snippets.


This is the last televised AFL game at Windy Hill, late in ‘91 v Sydney. The official last AFL game at WH was against Brisbane but it wasn’t televised. Simon Madden with 7 goals.



Please explain:


He’s not very good at that drill.


video they forgot to unlist?


I was there. A definite feeling of euphoria that we were on the rise.


“We’re called the Bombers” was tried as a replacement for “See the Bombers Fly Up” IIRC, and the first bit is Uncle Doug. I thought everyone knew this- am I the @Mero of footy theme club songs?


Thanks for that. Not often I get to crack myself up.

I should use that more often in everydy life. Not many will get it, but I’ll always get a giggle out of it, … :smirk: