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Just lovely.

Amazing how many times Zaka has kicked the winning goal.


I’ve always been dying to watch that Round 20, 2000 match again. Was built as one of the biggest Home & Away games ever, Essendon 20-0 and undefeated and Carlton losing only 4/5 odd games to that point and sitting at 2nd and winning 13 odd in a row. Game was a tight epic until we kicked away in the last. Would love to find footage of it again but youtube only has a few specific games of 2000.


So glad you said this. I’ve searched high and low for it and can’t find it anywhere! I really, really want to watch it!


I was in NZ at the time and the the FTA channel used to show a Saturday afternoon game live every week (the only match they’d show each week) but for this match they broke with tradition and replayed it instead of the live match. I’d actually rang my mum and got her to put the phone next to the radio so I could listen to the last half the night before, not knowing that Prime NZ we’re going to do this. I may have had the willpower to hold out and watch the game ‘live’ if I’d’ve known.


Yep, I’d kill for a replay from someone? Apparently it was the highest ever (non-public holiday) crowd for a H&A match with over 91,000 and had gigantic TV ratings with nearly 1,000,000 which rates better than most shows today and even better for back it’s day. Was a ripping match, goal for goal until we kicked away late to win by 4 goals. Reckon this was the reason we lost our only game the next week also, a big letdown and some tried bodies.


Legit the only footage I’ve seen is on the Bomber Blitz 2000 highlights VHS. I was only young at the time but have read all about the significance of the match and how tough and thrilling it was. Would love to enjoy the full thing.


For me, that was the best season ever.


I agree with you there wholeheartedly Shelton.

It was by far the most fun season to watch, not jist our games, but also all the neutral games too.

From our perspective it was just a roller coaster ride of emotions with so many highs and lows, twists and turns and everything in between.

Right from the pre-season Ansett Cup GF win against Richmond and Darren Bewick’s eight goals in the narrow Round 1 loss to the reigning premier Eagles at Subi to the dismantling of Carlton on GF day, that season had everything.

From Tim Watson’s comeback, the emergence of the Baby Bombers, the Derek Kickett drama, our injury toll heading in towards the finals and slowly getting important players back replacing the guys that had more than adequately covered in their absence, it was an amazing season.

And most sides played exciting, fast paced attacking footy that produced a lot of high scoring matches.

Nearly every side had a superstar full forward and a decent centre half forward too. Lockett, Ablett snr, Carey, Modra, Dunstall, Salmon, Lowe, Longmire and Sumich. Jeez, over half those guys mentioned kicked over 100 goals for the season that year and Modra probably took a MOTY contender or two every week (eat your heart out Jeremy Howe) and scored a GOTY every second week.

I would love to relive that season over and over if I could.

What a time it was to be alive.


Essendon scoring the highest first quarter score… EVER, against Gold Coast in 2001


It’s a bit dusty in here today.




It’s only been uploaded a few weeks ago. I can’t imagine there aren’t too many punters with this rare nugget of gold, the 1984 Sterling Cup. Okay, so it wasn’t the famous Timmy Watson jump over the pack night Grand Final but a satisfying platform nonetheless and sponsored by menthol smokes to boot.

Although I was one of the fortunate one’s who attended the real deal in September of 1984 as a kid, I was not at this one on a school night however. I used to have the Footy Record from the following Saturday, with TD on the cover holding the trophy. A young Jamie Siddons copped a whack early on and Marcellin thumped Assumption in the Herald Shield curtain raiser.

So, were any of you in attendance? What was the feeling like? You don’t hear much about this game, probably for obvious reasons but it’s a bit of a curiosity for me.




Not sure if already posted but there’s this youtube channel

and they also have a twitter account that has clips and pics.


Nice goal from GO’D, wearing #44, in their most recent tweet. Following!


Yep I subscribed to that channel a few weeks ago, theres some absolute gold on there. Old and fairly obscure bits and pieces.