Essendon vs Adelaide - Review


I thought the Craig Bird on our list was Craig Bird the hardworking, honest midfielder, but going by comments in here it is Craig Bird the messiah. Honestly, I would’ve liked to have seen Craig being given more than one game this year, but if you think he is the difference between us and top 4 (!!!), or even having a close to above average midfield, then I would like some of whatever you have been taking.


As exciting as it is to see JD kick a running goal from 50, or similarly exciting passages from Tippa or Raz, nothing…NOTHING pleases/excites me more than seeing Hooksey kick goals, and the resultant celebrations.

Anyone asking for him to be traded (yes, there have been a few), should be Banned, and then flogged !


Are we not mature enough for a coaches thread?


Well, I don’t think they should be banned, but a flogging, Definitely (teach them the error of their ways) . :sunglasses:


If the match day thread survives surely a coach thread can.


Flogged, then banned, then reinstated, then flogged again, then banned again, then flogged again and flogged one more time for good measure.

Same thing for members. One muppett near us yelled out last night “do something hooker, get into the game” this was after he had kicked three goals and looked the only one likely to do anything up forward. I enjoy standing and cheering, just that bit longer after everyone has stopped to prove a point along with words of encouragement while looking at said people. They look very uncomfortable about it.

The best thing I can say about last nights game is that we were good in patches, just those patches were few and far between.


Point out where anyone says they think we’re better than Adelaide. You clearly do with given your constant ‘the coach is sh*t’ rhetoric. From your reckoning, Worsfold is the absolute reason why Essendon is no good.

Then explain why we lost to Brisbane. Team was out-committed by a more determined Brisbane. Too many skill errors which resulted in scores to the opposition. Brisbane’s mids got the better of Essendon’s mids, particularly in the last qtr.

Then explain why we still use the kickout strategy that cost us the Sydney game. Because it works See Geelong, Port Adelaide + West Coast games.

Then explain why Hartley was dropped for Dea against an opposition with four genuine tall forwards. Probably because of one or more of the following reasons: a) the selectors believed that Dea was a better match up b) Hartley’s fitness numbers indicate he is tiring and may not be able to deliver on expectations and/or he is carrying a niggle c) Hartley is not delivering on expectations and a stint in the 2nds to work on his shortcomings was deemed necessary

Then explain why howlett and Colyer are still selected. See above but in reverse where appropriate.

Then explain why we didn’t switch from a zone that adelaide kicked through all night. Because zone defence works. Would you prefer they employ The Huddle? Every team plays a zone defence. Adelaide are 1st on the ladder because they are skilled enough and drilled enough to execute their defensive exit strategy and have a greater spread of capable players who are fit enough to do it for longer.

I’ll wait. There you go, Supercoach.


Given Worsfold ‘haters’ were told to kill themselves last night, no.




Hartley has been poor for 3 weeks and wasn’t much better in the VFL.


Worsfold haters…

I suppose we do have humans that believe in alien abduction so it all makes sense.



Bird would be a 18 - 25 disposals, contest 5-7, clearances 4-6, tackles 7-9, maybe a shot on goal.

Howlett, 9 disposals
Colyer, 7 disposals
Watson, 16 disposals
Myers, 18 disposals

I wish all our midfielders had a good honest footballers game! Myers and Watson are doing the best and are all the bottom end at best most weeks.

Add to that Bird offers a good defensive mindset around stoppages.


Yeah, but explain…oh…ok.


I certainly do, langford and lav in previous weeks.


Just watching the replay now.

Man, Hartley out for Dea - for this game - is close to the worst selection decison of the year.

And Zaharakis can really, really stick a tackle.


If it’s the one I’m thinking of, I found it really impressive - it doesn’t come instinctually to him.


It’s not an excuse but if you can’t think why those guys lack match fitness then you are just being difficult to win an argument and not looking at the whole picture


So, bring Dea in?

Jenkins was a good match up for Hartley, too.

Terrible decison.


He actually is, and always has been, a pretty strong tackler. Despite how much he he hates the tough stuff, his tackle execution is spot on.

I remember him bringing Dusty down during a patented ‘don’t argue’ a few years back, surprised the hell out of me.