Essendon vs Orange Pus review thread - 2023 round 4

so brad when are mahoney and dudoro gonna fight over a rusty spoon?


Absolutely. 10th-14th.

And nothing will change.

Well that was certainly a game of football.

I think.


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Got the win, it wasnt pretty but well take it.

Next few games are gonna be a real test for us.

Said it in the game thread but the umpiring this year as a whole has been very mystical and bewildering.

Anyways we are gonna have to play much better then today to beat the stronger clubs.
33 scoring shots for 88 points is ridiculous lol. Snelling back next week hopefully?


It’s the attitude change I like. Last year in terms of effort was woeful. They put in today and it wasn’t pretty but they won. A long way to go, however.


I am more confident with this team during games than I have been since Bomber was coach.
We have a good solid defensive setup that keeps us in games when things aren’t going our way.

I’m interested to be tested against better opposition.
We’ll really see what we’re made of over the next month.


We’ll get pumped.

I have never seen a Team get so unrewarded for so many great tackles

Ditto marks


Kicking for goal: terrible
Kicking into forward 50: terrible
Some of the field kicking: terrible

Despite the above we got up. Most likely on the back of good team defence. Also we had the dominant talks on the ground. I don’t think Phillips will be omitted for another three weeks or so.
Great game from Jake. Seemed to funnel his anger and frustration from crappy inside 50’s into the opposition. Some really strong work on both getting the ball and his opponents.


I don’t like complaining about it but the umpiring was diabolical.


Going into the next few games 3-1 is as good as you’d want.

Not to win those games, necessarily, but to have put some decent form and game style together. Seeing how we hold up against superior sides is just what we need for our development. Getting some serious competition will help identify where we need to focus our efforts.

It’s going to be interesting to see how we do on the field and at selection.


can’t do better than win


Well done Stringer!!!


He loves it up there.

Tigers tried for him but he said no despite the family connection.

Ugly win, we’ll take that.
Everyone was excellent today*

*unfortunately I didn’t see a minute of it. (stupid responsibilities)

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Remember when we lost a practice match and were going to start the season 0-4?


lmao aye

No most of em don’t leave the basement right? I’m not one to venture into other peoples basements on a whim

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Hopefully Scott and the team are learning, Langford stays forward now. Final kick inside 50 is where we need to spend a lot of energy both in training and draft picks

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remember when we were losing and we are dead set wooden spooners, kick a goal then become premiership favourites?