Essendon vs Orange Pus review thread - 2023 round 4

Watching Jones, he absolutely worked his backside off and made lots of space for others. He’s obviously not fulfilling his primary function as a goalkicker but I think that’ll come.

Whether he keeps Voss out of the side going forward I don’t know but he’s providing a heap more than plenty on this forum seem to realise.


The mythical game plan is usually a 2nd year problem for our recent coaches. Many of us thought we’d figured out a game plan in 2021.


If it’s your bottom six that is the difference, their bottom six must be absolute dogshit.

The best aspect of the game was that we kept putting in maximum effort despite all the wasted opportunities and even when GWS got in front. We won through superior effort, and that’s been true of all our wins this year. We also fought it right out against St Kilda but were beaten by a better, and better-organised, team.

The worst aspect was our totally dysfunctional forward line. I breathed a sigh of relief when Phillips came into the team because it gave us something like a true big forward. But our sole method of entry inside 50 seems to be a high kick to a big pack – only in the last quarter did we get a couple of kicks to free players.

We really need Snelling in that lineup. He has experience and toughness and the ability to get the ball and do something constructive with it. Davey I hope will be good, but at this point he is out of his depth in the senior team and needs to get some toughness and mental coolness into his game in the twos.

Ridley was back to his best. Martin and Durham went hard all day. Shiel is having his best year with us. Loved Redman’s goal. Toby Greene did a bit but Kelly limited his influence.


Our last win for a while. Gonna enjoy it.


We haven’t left Melbourne and we haven’t played any of the top teams yet, let’s see how our structures hold up in the coming weeks.

I dunno so much….let’s see how the Pies perform now their “supemen” bubble has been burst. Melbourne?….yeah, I think that may be a bridge too far.

Looking forward to it.

I really want to see how it all stacks up against the big boys. We’ve had a solid (dare I say, good) month lead in.

I think it’s going to be a positive to play Melbourne in neutral territory.

We know they have the capacity to play well anywhere but it adds a different dimension to the game for us that I hope we embrace.

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beat a cooked Geelong, port and and a cooked tigers both at home, they’re not all that

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How does Haynes get 17 marks?

When reddog kicked that goal in the 3rd I had 2 Jonny Walkers in my hand when I got back too the seat with my my fingers coming out of my head like a devil worshipper. Got a good response from the Easter Sunday crowd :smile:


Was that King that said that with our defence playing as we did today, we’re going to be hard to beat?

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Is it Haynes that knocked out Weideman??

I owe someone props for this and I love it.


Some of their turnovers were so bad

Our structure behind the ball is so much better than the last few years. Pressured them enough too which caused a lot of turnovers and miss kicks.
Phillips and Draper combo is a must until we get Wright back.


How good was Jake’s torp from 55 metres out. Not many could do that and know they meant it.


Boy oh boy…they were the worst sides we’ve played all year.