Essendon vs Orange Pus review thread - 2023 round 4

How good is football, ehh?


I like the idea of the umps putting the whistle away but why do they randomly decide to do it some games and not others.

Just so unprofessional.


You are not decisive enough for Blitz.
Drop the perhaps and you’ll become truly Elite.


Welcome to AFL umpiring, it’s borderline unwatchable for me a lot of the time


Snelling, or Hobbs.

It will probably be Hobbs because he has been very good as a midfielder in the VFL and Davey is a small forward.

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Did you go to the Giants vs Essendon last year? I still have a chip on my shoulder about that one. At least they had a dip and got the win today.


I reckon we did the same in ruttens first year, so I’m holding off on the confidence just yet.

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It’s what it’s all about. If my son doesn’t love it enough already it’s the cherry on the top. Bomber 4 life.:+1:

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Flip must play all the time. Just play our game don’t worry about opposition, we are a better team with him in it. Laverde on the other hand been dreadful and has been all season. Hepp not horrendous was a bonus.

You can tell our structures are improved because our defence didn’t have a standout and we held them.

Our press got broken open but usually after a decent period of pressure.

I liked us today.

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Sometimes you gotta win ugly. Corrected the Essington stink after HT and grinded it out


Such a good point.

I know there is a lot of doom and gloom on here about what’s ahead (Hi @Saucy) but we have shown more “defensive integrity” in the first month (win or lose) than we have across the last 3 seasons combined.

I don’t blame anyone for predicting us going 0-6 in the next six weeks but I wouldn’t be totally shocked to see us snag an unexpected win against a higher ranked opponent based on our defensive efforts.


How bad are GWS


For the first time in years I think we actually look like a work in progress, as opposed to a side still learning the every changing mythical game plan.
Players seem to understand where they are supposed to be, what they are supposed to be doing, and what is needed to get a win.
Almost as though there was a plan.
I think we will improve as the year goes on.
In fact I think we have improved each week so far.
Still a lot of poor decision making, hesitancy, but that will improve with confidence and experience.
I’m backing the coach. Seems to have a clue.


Positives out of today.
Best I’ve seen Jones for 2 years; seriously lacking confidence; but, started to get more involved, still too soft, but…
Redman & Lav were ordinary in the first halt ; but were strong enough to turn it around in the 2nd halt;
Draper & Flip must stay as a 1, 2. Were always a threat and will get better.
Jakey is a superstar.
Perko was average; but, with more time and experience he will be a star, as with Durham. Love the way they go about it.
ADJ must learn to take the shot when the opportunity arises.
Feel so sorry for Weid, can’t take a trick!


ayy lmao


We’ve played nobody, beaten nothing etc etc.

Watched the game with my son and we won, just enjoy it.


Not subscribing to the theory that every club that loses to us is in “crisis”.

They’ve been a pain in the ■■■■ for us to play for several years now and had enough quality on the park today (compared with us) to win that game.

Green, Kelly, Whitfield, Haynes, Greene, Ward, Coniglio, Taylor, Lloyd, Himmelberg, Hogan, Riccardi (edit) etc …

And they didn’t.


Note that Menzies, Davey & Perkins had 7 goal assists between them (3,2 & 2). They had better games than some people think.


Poor bloke. Gone from one ■■■■ orange team to another :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: