Essendon vs Suns Game Day

We just need to win. I can’t see WC giving Adelaide a bath. Bring 50k to Etihad and bring it home

We won, be happy. We lost these games at the start of the year.

12 goals from 30 scoring shots (plus at least 1 OOTF). Getting the win was obviously the crucial thing but we’ve left some percentage behind.

Still, we’re alive.

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May be reaching but Laverde a positive. Still reckon he will be something. Have put my house on it so heavily invested.

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All results today went our way, including, most surprisingly, our own.


Beats fkg losing


38, and 14 In50’s.

Too right.


We win next week we’re in right?

Lets not ahead of ourselves we actually have to beat freo first

Melbourne no certainties to beat Collingwood next week. So I reckon their spot is up for grabs in the 8 as well.


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5 goals

begs shows footy smarts as expected, translated to the higher level
McGrath minutes in the middle
good development game


As long as WC doesn’t give the crows a thrashing, we win next week and we play finals.

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Didn’t see it, hope he is ok. He shouldn’t get near the team again on form, not injury.

I am happy. I’m “we did what we needed to” happy.

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So glad we got the win. A lot of happy bomber fans at the ground. Felt like a home game


I have my seat reserved next week for the game. GO BOMBERS!!!

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